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My primary job is the care of my daughter, Silicia Jensen. She is afflicted with a seizure disorder and hypoglycemia, both of which cause seizures, backouts, dizzy spells and migrane headaches. Her condition is kept stable as long as she avoids contact with most household cleansers as well as other chemicals (pesticides, etc.), maintains a controlled diet, stays well rested, keeps stress levels down and resistance up.

To maintain her stability our arrangement is that she pays the majority of the bills and I maintain the house (cooking, cleaning, laundry,etc.), and provide transportation to and from work. I also work out of my wood shop at home and sell gift items as well as taking on part time jobs when I can; as long as they don't interfere with her needs. Any of what I earn that is not immediately spent on food and other household needs is deposited into her account (also at Washington Mutual) to help with the monthly bills.

My bank account is primarily used to maintain our Webtv and is kept at a minimum due to stories of Webtv accounts being accessed and credit card numbers being stolen.