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wood artisan

Creating Art with Wood since 1992

handcrafted creations

handcrafted dolphin boxes
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My love of diving and marine life led me to create a line
of Jewelry Box Designs that I think you will find artistically
unique. Have a look at these extraordinary handcrafted
dolphin & whale boxes, made from a selection of fine
woods, most exceptionally Hawaiian koa wood.

dolphin treasure box


"Keiki" means child in Hawaiian which is where I was living when I designed this box. This unique and delightful design is really something special.

The Keiki Dolphin is pleasing to the touch and
enchanting to behold. Lifting off the top by the
dorsal fin gives access to the compartment below.
One of my most popular gift items!
(6" long, 3.5"wide, 3.5"deep)



Built into a finely finished wave shaped
frame this elegant little box has five uniquely
cut drawers held in place by the stationary
dolphin to keep anything that deserves that
special place. Small fish are crafted from
matching wood and are attached as drawer pulls
to complete this distinctively special drawer box.
Made from Exquisite Koa in two shapes and
sizes, the straight back (pictured)
6" long, 4" wide
$260.00 and
the curved back box 7" long

dolphin box with drawers

humpback whale box

Humpback Whale Box

Store your treasures in this elegant, multi compartmented whale box.  The dowel hinged top compartment has a crafted whale tail for a drawer pull. The compartment in the mother whale is accessed by using the baby whale drawer pull.  There are two additional compartments beneath the body of the whale.  The Humpback Whale box has been the favorite for those special occasion gifts.
12" long, 4" wide and 6" deep.

jewelry box


This is an exceptionally beautiful box! With waves carved into the framework and five drawers fitted around the stationary dolphin, this is truly a magnificent showpiece.
12" long x 3.5" x 6"

carved wave dolphin box

All pieces are finished with a hand rubbed oil.
They require no special care aside from occasional
dusting. Should you desire to buff them out from
time to time, always use a soft, dry cotton cloth
and rub with the grain.

All boxes are signed, numbered
and dated on the bottom.

Unfortunately photographs just cannot do justice
to the rich texture and quality of these pieces made
from solid blocks of fine wood. They really should
be seen and held to be fully appreciated! The time it
takes to create one of these pieces, not including glue
setting and finish drying times, is up to 15 hours
of labor for the smallest box and up to 50 hours to
make the largest, most labor intensive box
(The Carved Wave Box).

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